Contineuing Education

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry offers a systematic teaching process established to communicate effectively the Word of God in a loving atmosphere where classroom interaction is encouraged.  The Christian Education Ministry seeks further to illuminate the lasting effects of learning to obey the word of God.

New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry serves as an extended arm to the Pastor in receiving new and existing believers who become members of the Worship Center. In love and humility, the New Members Ministry team constructs the bridge that takes new members from benchwarmers to faithful workers in the kingdom of God.

Leadership Development Training

Dr. Nicholson believes that leadership is a key component of effective ministry, and invests in the development of every leader and those who follow leadership by offering leadership development training that expounds on the principles of leadership not only in the context of ministry but also in every area of life. 


Masters of Millions Mentors

God’s word has more to say about handling our money and possessions than any other subject. MMM is a ministry that teaches stewardship principles concerning financial investments. Through this ministry, believers learn how to invest their money using the stock market and how to put into practice concepts of budgeting and financial planning.

The Preacher’s Wife

The role of a preacher‚Äôs wife is a unique call to ministry and a balancing act that few women are ever formally trained to handle. Because the Preacher‚Äôs Wife is important to God, vital to the church, to her husband and to her family, she must be celebrated and cultivated to effectively contribute to the work of the ministry. First Lady Nicholson embraced the need for ministry specifically geared toward addressing the complex issues that preacher‚Äôs wives and their families face when ‚ÄúThe Preacher‚Äôs Wife‚ÄĚ enrichment course was birthed. ‚ÄúThe Preacher‚Äôs Wife‚ÄĚ is a series of empowerment sessions designed to expose the tactics of the adversary and bring clarity, revelation, and wisdom to equip the minister‚Äôs wife. In these sessions, First Lady Nicholson uses biblical principles and practical application, seasoned with her years of experience as the wife of an international evangelist to address questions concerning marriage, parenting, and ministry functions. This course builds women of faith to position themselves to love and impact those her husband serves in ministry while at the same time reminding her of God‚Äôs love and unique purpose for her life and the joy and honor that can dwell so richly within as she continues to spiritually mature.