Spiritual Development Ministries

Brothers Ministering in Worship (BMW)

Brothers Ministering in Worship is the ministry targeting men and is responsible for biblically equipping every man God has created. Its programs are designed to create manpower individually and as a unified body to live victoriously in Jesus Christ. B.M.W. faithfully develops the spiritual tools necessary to curtail life’s miscalculations in judgment, relational issues, temptations and anything that would hinder a man’s fruitful existence. B.M.W. believes it is vitally important to equip, lead and challenge every brother to worship, as spirit-filled soldiers and stewards, armed to be more than conquerors, armed to be soul winners and armed to lead to their families, their church and their fellow man.

Women of Worship (WOW)

WOW is committed to fostering sisterhood in the body of Christ and to developing wholeness of mind, body and spirit by applying biblical principals to life situations. The WOW Ministry further seeks to resurrect the true "EVE" that God originally designed every woman to be, and walk in that design respectfully, graciously, consistently and with dignity. Through prayer, workshops, small groups, symposiums, retreats and spiritual mentoring, WOW strives to please the Creator in ministry and in every area of life and to walk in purpose and wholeness for the edifying and nourishment of the body of Christ.

Sarah’s Daughters

Sarah’s Daughters is a ministry that was developed primarily to reach out to young married women in the church teaching, modeling supporting and helping to build up the multifunctional lives of these women based on biblical principles. In addition, Sarah’s Daughters seeks regularly to connect with all the women of the W.O.W Ministry to emphasize areas of commonality and walk in the purpose of the Worship Center while focusing on ministry topics of concern dealing with spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Sarah’s Daughters also addresses the unique concerns of single mothers and seeks to birth other ministry projects that meet the specific needs of that group within the church and the community.

Daughters of Virtue (D.O.V.)

DOV is a young women’s mentoring program that ministers to young ladies between the ages of 13 and 18. Our teaching strategies include spiritual enrichment in the following areas:

  • Building Faith and confidence in God’s word
  • Finding your Identity in Christ
  • Fulfilling your God-given purpose
  • Loving yourself and others

All designed to equip these young women for excellence in academic, social and spiritual excellence.


The goal of Jr. DOVS is to teach girls ages 5-12 the necessary life-skills that will enhance their emerging leadership ability in the church and break the bondage of female hatred that often keeps young women from recognizing the value that God had placed within them. We endeavor to implement the vision of Jr. DOV through three core principles: Love, humility and unity.

S.W.A.T.T. Singles’ Ministry

Facing the challenges of being single in today's culture, whether you are single or single again, can prove to be a difficult feat when attempted without proper direction. The Singles With an Attitude To Triumph Ministry points to the word of God as the roadmap that empowers singles to define themselves through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of their social status. The Ministry offers opportunities to find contentment in Christian fellowship, spiritual development, service to the church and others, and outreach to those who do not know about the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

Covenant Keepers Marriage Ministry

A ministry devoted to saving, nurturing and making marriages brand new, Covenant Keepers’ focus is on the family unit with emphasis on strengthening the covenant of marriage. In a time when divorce is prevalent, even within the church, Covenant Keepers is committed to providing programs that offer solutions to relational challenges that may arise between husband and wife. Through prayer, workshops, retreats and special events, the Covenant Keepers Ministry seeks to bring wholeness to married couples by encouraging them to live out God’s design for the covenant between man and wife outlined in the word of God.

Radical and Willing Worshippers

Radical and Willing Worshippers, better known as R.A.W.W. is the Youth Ministry of the Worship Center committed to the holistic development of the youth and young adults in our ministry. Through interactive, age-appropriate services, workshops, fellowship outings and mentoring programs, R.A.W.W. reaches out to young believers and unbelievers alike, endeavoring to lead them toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the spirit of God’s love, the ministry models Christ-like character and integrity and empowers the youth by enabling them to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny, providing an example to other youth in our community, in our city & throughout the world.

RAWW supported Ministries are:

  • Spiritual Encounter Sessions
  • Off-site Fellowship (skating, bowling, other church services)
  • Annual Youth Conference
  • Community Service Outreach (World Vision partner)

Children’s Ministry

This ministry is designed to meet the needs of children ages 3 to 11. It is the primary focus of the Children’s Ministry to teach the children about Jesus, to teach godly principles, and to help develop a greater knowledge and understanding of who God created us to be. Our purpose is a command from the Word of God found in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The goal of the Children’s Ministry is that each child be proficient in the following areas:

  • Locating and memorizing the books of the Bible
  • Memorizing, reciting, and locating key scriptures
  • Learning God’s plan of salvation for their lives
  • Understanding the principals of giving
  • Demonstrating the love of God.